Property and Land

Property and Land

The reputation of Austrindo Law Firm in Property & Land Law is well known in Bali. We help both domestic and international clients with land deeds, deeds of change, deeds of sale and purchases.

We also assist customers with Property Lease Rights, Property Use Rights, Business Use Rights, and Ownership Rights on Flats/Condominium or Use Rights on Flat Units; Security Rights; Separation, Division, and Consolidation of Land.

Austrindo Law Office recognizes that several legal issues might arise in the course of a property development project. Our goal is to provide customers with clear information, practical guidance, and the best outcome to meet their goals in property and land projects through premium legal arrangements and paperwork.

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Corporate & Investment

This service is beneficial to foreigners who want to start a new business in Indonesia or collaborate with domestic investors. We also advise capital owners in making amendments to corporation data and operations.


Many foreign corporations have hired Austrindo Law Office to assist them with legal challenges, particularly immigration legality. We assist with a large number of Visa Applications and Extensions for entering Indonesia.

General Civil & Crime

We defend clients in a wide range of criminal law matters, including fraud, embezzlement, and other criminal offences. We are dedicated to pursuing or protecting the client’s wishes and rights to achieve the best possible results.