Marriage and Family

Marriage and Family

Family breakups are never easy, and they are frequently unpleasant. Mixed marriages between locals and foreigners frequently continue indefinitely without a clear outcome. A family attorney’s advice will make the process go more smoothly and lead to a quicker resolution. As a result, Austrindo Law Office’s family and the marital team are here to assist.

We are experts in a variety of family law issues, including intermarriage. Austrindo Law Office has handled divorce, child custody, financial disputes, inheritance settlements, and property claims among other things.

Our team is dedicated to resolving family disputes through agreement, mediation, or negotiation while ensuring that our client’s best interests are protected throughout the process. We will assist the customer in settling the issue or litigation in court if the situation cannot be handled through dialogue.

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Many foreign corporations have hired Austrindo Law Office to assist them with legal challenges, particularly immigration legality. We assist with a large number of Visa Applications and Extensions for entering Indonesia.

General Civil & Crime

We defend clients in a wide range of criminal law matters, including fraud, embezzlement, and other criminal offences. We are dedicated to pursuing or protecting the client’s wishes and rights to achieve the best possible results.

Arbitration & Commercial

Austrindo Law Office can help clients resolve disputes more quickly and achieve a final and binding judgement through the arbitration process.