Data Protection and Privacy

Data Protection and Privacy

Advocates, as an honourable profession (officium nobile), enjoy freedom based on the honour and personality of the Advocate who adheres to Independence, Honesty, Confidentiality, and Openness while carrying out their profession under the protection of the law, the Act, and the Code of Ethics. Because the Advocate profession is that of a law enforcement officer who is on par with other law enforcement agencies, colleagues and other law enforcement officers must respect one another.

As a result, every advocate must uphold the image and dignity of the profession’s honor, as well as be loyal to and uphold the Honorary Council’s Code of Ethics and Professional Oath, whose implementation is overseen by the Honorary Council as an institution whose existence has been and must be recognized by every Advocate, regardless of which professional organization they belong to.

As a result, the Indonesian Advocate Code of Ethics is the highest law in the profession, guaranteeing and protecting but also imposing an obligation on every Advocate to be honest and accountable in the practice of law, both to clients, courts, the state or society, and especially to himself.

Mutual trust is the most essential relationship in the advocate-client relationship (reciprocal trust). In this relationship, the client expects the lawyer to handle and safeguard his (client’s) interests professionally and expertly, to give sound advice, and to avoid doing anything that would hurt his interests.

On the other side, the advocate expects the client to be truthful while describing the facts of the case to the advocate. Clients also expect lawyers to manage and defend their interests professionally and with all of their knowledge, according to advocates.

Austrindo Law Office has been entirely committed to maintaining and protecting the data privacy of its clients for the past 20 years and beyond. Austrindo Law Office’s entire team takes great care with data and information.

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