Bankruptcy and Curator

Bankruptcy and Curator

As the founder and head of the Austrindo Law Office, H. M. Rifan, SH.M Hum, C.L.A has an authorized license and is permitted to settle the bankruptcy issues of foreign or local corporations.

Austrindo Law Office has bankruptcy legal experts who can walk you through the process and provide local court assistance if necessary. We offer legal advice on bankruptcy and assist clients with all aspects of the process, from filing all bankruptcy requirements to representing clients at Bankruptcy Hearings.

The curator team from Austrindo Law Office generally handles several tasks which are outlined as:

  • Administrative Tasks

In his administrative capacity, the deposit curator is to administer the processes that occur in bankruptcy, for example making announcements; invitations to creditor meetings; the assets of the bankrupt debtor; conduct an inventory of bankrupt assets; and make regular reports to the supervisory judge. If necessary, in carrying out its administrative capacity, the curator has the authority to seal.

  • Tasks to Manage/Manage Bankrupt Assets

Since the bankruptcy decision is pronounced, all debtor authorities have the authority to manage and administer the bankruptcy estate, including obtaining information regarding the books, records, bank accounts and deposits of the debtor from the bank associated with the curator.

  • The task of doing Sales-Settlements

The most important task for the curator is to carry out the task of managing and/or settling the bankruptcy estate from the date the bankruptcy decision is pronounced against which an appeal is filed or the decision is made again. The purpose of settlement here is the cashing of assets to pay or pay debts.

Our diverse set of skills and perspectives enable us to provide clients with the most realistic conclusion achievable. We form partnerships with a variety of professionals to evaluate business difficulties and provide solutions to help them meet their financial responsibilities.

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